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MichaelSmith 19.5.2018 11:04:41

Connection Issues

I am having random occurrences where I cannot hear or talk to the Pilotedge ATC controllers. I have no problem connecting to Pilotedge. I receive the "you are connected message" and I can see myself logged in as a current pilot and I'm able to connect to the Pilotedge receiver. But in X-plane I cannot hear the controllers and they cannot hear me. In the past I have resolved the issue by restarting X-Plane, rebooting the computer, loading a different plane, loading a different configuration of X-plane or usually a combination of all of the above. Today, it took me 2 hours of fiddling to finally get connected. Anyone out there have any suggestions? I sure would like to figure this out as it's very disappointing to plan a long flight and end up spending the afternoon dinking around tying to get connected.
On another subject. I love Pilotedge and have great appreciation for the patience and knowledge of the air traffic controllers. I have learned a lot by simply listening to recordings of the ATC communications and all the videos. I'm currently concentrating on on the Southern California area but am looking forward to utilizing the Western expansion area.

Any help will be apprecited.
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Thank you

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