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Standard Are there vendors that put together barebones PCs out of selected parts anymore?


I'm asking in the interest of saving a little time (those games in my backlog aren't going to play themselves, ya know).
I don't want to just get a Dell or whatever because you don't have any control over the components that go into it, plus most of the time they come with a direct-to-landfill craptastic video card, which in order to replace I'll probably need to replace the PSU, and who knows if that's remotely easy with a Dell (and would void the warranty in any case). Not to mention all the bloatware/adware that comes installed on the HDD.
Ideally I'd like to pay someone a flat fee of maybe a couple hundred bucks to put together the parts I select (case/fans, PSU, motherboard/CPU/RAM + cable management). Online I bet that only happens if you buy the parts from the vendor, so they can apply their markup to every part first, which I don't mind as long as the build comes with some kind of warranty. I can put the video card, SSD and HDDs in myself.
Am I dreaming here, or is this a realistic possibility? Should I just look around locally for a brick and mortar place?

Any help will be apprecited.
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